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Aerial view of the pacific ocean in bahia solano, near to Black Sands Lodge


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We've had the pleasure of hosting guests from all over the world, and we're always excited to share their stories. In our news section, you'll find articles written by guests who have had amazing adventures at our lodge. These articles will give you a first-hand account of what it's like to stay at our lodge and explore the surrounding area.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for your next adventure or you just want to read about some amazing experiences, be sure to check out our news section.

"The Pacific Coast of Colombia: World Class Fishing and Hospitality" from

The Pacific Coast of Colombia is a world-class fishing destination, with some of the best black marlin fishing in the world. The region is also home to a number of luxurious lodges that offer guests the opportunity to experience the best of what the Pacific Coast has to offer, including world-class fishing, delicious food, and friendly hospitality.

Screenshot of the artiche written by In The Bite,World Class Fishing and Hospitality blac
Screenshot of the artiche written by Robert Armstrong

Colombia's Pacific Coast: A Natural Paradise for Sustainable Tourism

Colombia's Pacific Coast is emerging as a new frontier for sustainable tourism, with a growing number of lodges and operators offering guests the opportunity to experience the region's unique natural beauty and culture in an environmentally responsible way.

Black Sands, Colombia, Very Close to Paradise

For a moment I felt like I was in one of the scenes from the movie Jurassic Park, where the coastal hills and mountains are covered in exuberant jungle, which plunges down to almost hugging the ocean.

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