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The Richest Waters in the World

The Colombian Pacific is one of the last unexplored saltwater fishing frontiers, with over 500 miles of uncharted, pristine coastline and deep canyons starting just a few miles offshore, providing anglers with an incredible mix of inshore and offshore species. On a typical day, anglers will fish for offshore species like Sailfish, Yellowfin tuna, and Mahi in the morning and seek inshore species like Cubera, Pargo, Roosterfish, and Snook in the afternoon while using a variety of light tackle fishing techniques with top quality gear provided by Black Sands. Weather is stable year-round, so that anglers will make the most of their precious vacation time. Bahia Solano is a well-kept secret among a small group of hardcore anglers, but prior to the launch of Black Sands, there wasn’t a world-class sportfishing operation commensurate with the fishing opportunities. 

Offshore Fishing

The Colombian Pacific is virtually unknown among anglers, as until recently, no international quality fishing operations were available. The lack of infrastructure

          and big marinas has kept this area in pristine condition with very little

pressure on the fishery, making it one of the true last frontiers for sportfishing.

The water depth drops to thousands of feet just miles from shore, so often, you will

be fishing for pelagic species with the mountains and jungle as your background. Depending on what you wish to target, we will try different techniques, trolling lures

or dead bait, bait, and swicth or live bait trolling.


Inshore Fishing

The inshore fishing is stable throughout the year, as most prime species are residents. The area has a very defined and characteristic coastline with sharp edges, strong currents, rocky shores, and numerous river outlets that feed fresh water and baitfish into the ocean. The shoreline extends for hundreds of miles of untouched waters, offering exceptional opportunities for popping and jigging. Slow trolling live bait while cruising and casting tends

to produce some fantastic bites


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing with Black Sands is a unique experience. Depending on the targeted species, you will find yourself sight-casting to massive schools of busting Yellowfins, teasing Sailfish, or casting among beautiful structures among the shorelines and rock formations in search of Roosterfish, Tarpon, Snook, or giant Cuberas.


Species and Seasons

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