Bahía Solano

Colombia, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. It’s the only
country with both oceans, Atlantic and Pacific.

As one of the leading countries in South America it is still full of nature, it offers
a vast array of activities from jungle walks, mountain treks, visiting archaeological ruins, whale watching and seeing coffee plantations

How to Arrive

Líneas abstractas

Why Colombia?

Ranked #2 in
world biodiversity


Its hospitality welcomes
you with a smile in
every corner


Migration of sardines from Panama attract sailfish, marlin, saws and shad, dorado, horse mackerel, tuna and snapper


Tourist experience at every region is widely diverse both gastronomically and culturally

The only country that shares 2 coasts on 2 different oceans

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It is the 4th biggest economy in
Latin America